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David Ledbetter at Collège de France

Earlier today, I saw a class by David H Ledbetter at Collège de France who was invited by Jean-Louis Mandel who holds the human genetics chair in that glorious institution.

He talked about his experience of building a large cohort with Whole Exome Sequencing(WES) at Geisinger Health System. He used to work in academia but was recruited by Glenn D Steele another former academic to lead a large genomics program at Geisinger.

What is Geisinger ?

Geisinger is a not for profit organisation that offers health insurance and also runs large hospitals. It covers mainly a rural area of Pennsylvania where the biggest city is Scranton, a city were the tv series The Office was located to symbolize small-town America. However, the headquarters of Geisinger are not even in Scranton, but in Danville with a population of around 5000 habitants. So, not the most glamorous place!

Geisinger seems to have many advantages for the success of a large cohort:

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Transcriptomics and the stochasticity of biological cells

I just came home from a two-day conference in Evry 30 km south of Paris. Evry hosts a biocluster centred on genetics. It hosted the first genetic map in the 90s that inspired the human genome project and it is also the location where the French contribution to the human genome project -the sequencing of chromosome 14- took place.

I won’t be as rigorous as I usually aim to be, I will just try to give you a flavour of some of the talks.

Transcriptome from micro-arrays to RNA-seq by François Cambien

The transcriptome is the study of the expression of genes. According to the central dogma of molecular biology, DNA is is transcribed as an RNA in the nucleus. The RNA then goes in the cytoplasm and there it is translated into proteins. Transcriptomics is therefore the study of RNA abundance.

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